7 Reasons Why You Should Use LastPass

7 Reasons why you should use LastPass for your business. www.mitchellconsultingservice.com

3 Reasons why you should use LastPass for your business. www.mitchellconsultingservice.com


Create Efficiency in Your Back-Office

Passwords. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay.

What Kind of Password Keeper are you?

  1. All accounts have the same password
  2. You keep track of your passwords in a notebook or on slips of paper.
  3. You use a spreadsheet or word doc that you might be cleverly titled, ‘Password.”

Each and every one of these type of password keepers present their own security risk that leaves your personal and business information vulnerable to hackers and saboteurs.

As a savvy business owner who keeps track of numerous accounts for my personal use, as well as for those of my clients, I am here to show you a better way.

Introducing LastPass. LastPass allows you to save all of your passwords easily and securely with bank level encryption.  One of the most useful tools LastPass provides is the ability to can create files or “categories” for your passwords.  I have categories each of my clients’ websites for secure and easy access. LastPass will also remember passwords for clients that use the same sites allowing me to separate them by client name.


What’s to love?

  1.  I only need to remember one master passphrase.
  2.  I can use the Chrome extension for LastPass. When I go to a site and set up a new password, LastPass automatically reminds me to add it to LastPass.
  3.  I can add the LastPass app to my cell phone.  This allows me to have my passwords when I am on the go.  On the iPhone, you can enable the thumb print to open LastPass. Yet another time saver.
  4. I can connect my team, sharing links to online sites without giving them the user name and passwords.
  5. I can set up and emergency contact person in case of emergency, allowing them to access your LastPass only through a link that you give them. You can even set a time limit on that link.  Recently, I had a client who was working with someone who unexpectedly passed away, with no password back-up plan in place; adding to an already grievous situation.
  6.  LastPass has a security challenge. It scores your LastPass vault for duplicate passwords, passwords that haven’t been changed, weak passwords and email addresses that have been compromised on other sites.
  7.  LastPass will keep your passwords up to date with a click of a button.


LastPass home screen clear your mind with Lastpass a workflow app for business www.mitchellconsultingservice.com

The Details

The FREE version of LastPass is for single users. You can save unlimited passwords. You can install LastPass on multiple devices.  You have access to a password generator.  You can share passwords with individuals.

The PREMIUM version of LastPass is only $24 a year. Peace of mind is well worth $24 a year! Not only will it provide you with peace of mind, but it will save you time! I encourage you to do your own due diligence regarding LastPass; I highly recommend it. You can checkout here.

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