It’s A New Year! What’s Your Goal?

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018!  We all made it to the new year.  Yay for us!  Now what?  Have you set your 2018 goal?  So, what was the result?  Do you have your plans in place for 2018?

Its A New Year! What's Your Goal?

I am naturally a planner.  I like to make lists for everything.  I wanted to find a more cohesive way to help me plan for 2018.  It was important to me to  combine my personal life and my business life into my planning strategy for the new year.  After all, I’m just one person with several areas of focus.  In my pursuit to find a planning tool for the new year, I searched and reviewed many planning strategies.  Just in case you didn’t know, I am a YouTube-aholic.  That’s probably not a word, but that’s me.  I finally found the goal tracking planner for me!  It’s call PowerSheet by Cultivate What Matters.

Picture of my Power Sheets. Goal setting and planning for 2018

I watched and read the reviews of this planner and decided it might be for me.   The focus behind the strategy for this planner is to focus on what matters to you the most.  When I started digging into the pages of the planner, I realized that the strategies that are laid out helps you figure out what really matters to you the most.  Before you even begin to start setting goals for the year, there is a weeks work of prep work.  I think this is the most important part of the strategy for setting goals.  The prep work prompts are very thought provoking.  I could not sit down in one sitting and do the prep work. The prompts really caused me to search within myself to answer the questions.  I absolutely loved this process.

Once you have identified what matters to you most, then you can start identifying your goals for the year.  What are the things you are going to focus on?  When you look back at the end of the year and will you be proud of, what will you have accomplished.  This process has helped me to become very clear about what direction I want to take my business this year.  My main goal for my business is to help and equip women business owners to become more confident about the numbers.  I want to help you become more confident.

Where to Start?

The first step in becoming confident with your numbers is to set a goal.  The process I went through to set my goals this year, you should do the same.  You can’t hit a target if you don’t know where the target is. Last month I wrote a blog post about finishing 2017 strong and planning for 2018.  You can go read that post here. Tell me what you think.  Are you struggling to set a financial goal for your business?  Do you even know where to start?  I would love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment on the post.

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